Value Proposition

Industry Context

The size of the gambling industry is enormous, including grey markets it is likely in the trillions of dollars annually. It is estimated that 400 billion USD is bet illegally in the United States alone. The Chinese market is even more extensive.

Traditional sports betting in certain locale's is driven underground, leading to corruption, unfairness and even violence. This type of behaviour is what leads jurisdictions where it is legal to heavily regulate the industry, burdening operators with cost of regulation, administration and ultimately putting price pressure on odds to the detriment of the bettor.

Wagerr presents the market with a safe, low cost, reliable and transparent way to bet through blockchain technology globally. Because of this compelling value proposition, Wagerr has the potential to win substantial marketshare in the long run. However, even if Wagerr captures only a fraction of the trillion dollar market, the mechanisms built into the Wagerr model will have a powerful and overwhelmingly positive effect on the long term token value. Value coupling in itself creates a compelling value proposition for sports bettors, the sports betting industry, and for investors at every scale.

Value Proposition for Sports bettors

Lower fees

Because Wagerr does not have shareholders the margins on odds can be extremely thin. Over time Wagerr's odds can become incredibly efficient with only a small fee set aside for operators (masternodes) and developers.

Available anywhere

As a Blockchain, Wagerr is available globally. As long as you have internet connection you can access the Wagerr platform. Wagerr provides as safe and reliable means for anyone to access a betting platform no matter where they are.

No Restrictions

Wagerr users are private. Wagerr is incapable of profiling players and therefore incapable of limiting or banning players. On Wagerr winners are welcome there is no need to worry about being limited.

Limitless Liquidity

Peerless on-chain betting enables Wagerr to offer something truly unique in the betting market...unlimited liquidity. Wagerr can accept extremely large bets that traditional sportsbooks could not.

Transparent and Reliable

As a Blockchain, Wagerr is an open system with all data publicly recorded on the block explorer. Further. the blockchain is programmed to mint new WGR to pay out winning contracts meaning on Wagerr all payouts are guaranteed. Never ask for a withdrawal or worry about a broken contract again. With Wagerr you have complete control.

Value Proposition for Sports Books

Risk Management Tool

The same properties that make Wagerr the best sportsbook for individual bettors also make Wagerr the perfect partner for traditional sportsbooks. Traditional sportsbooks will frequently find that they have taken on too much payout liability when their customers bets are unbalanced. If the overweight outcome wins the sportsbook must carry the cost against their bottom line.

A sportsbook will usually try to cover their liability payouts by placing bets themselves on other sportsbooks in an attempt to manage risk. Wagerr offers a better alternative, with lower fees (better odds), no limits, guaranteed payouts and complete control of funds.

New Clients and Increased betting limits

A sportsbook can quickly increase their users betting limits without adding additional risk to their operations, they can continue to service clients who want to bet in larger limits by leveraging the Wagerr chain more to hedge risk. Additionally, this would allow them to attract potentially new clientele that previously they couldn't serve.

More revenue streams

Wagerr offers sportsbooks the ability to earn via masternodes, sharing in the betting volume occurring globally and smoothing out any seasonality in revenue for an operator.

Varying business Model

Wagerr offers incredibly sharp odds, in effect all risk could be immediately laid off allowing a sportsbook to operate a risk-free operation and focusing on the user experience.

Value Proposition for WGR Holders

Holding WGR

Whilst users benefit from the above value proposition, value is actively driven into the WGR coin through the Mint and Burn process in which 50% of the house edge is burned. This means that holders/users of WGR benefit directly from the house edge. They are in effect 'the house'.

Wagerr is designed to further incentivise adoption of WGR via staking and Masternode rewards where users can acquire more WGR for adding value to the network.

Staking WGR

Those who hold WGR and operate a standard staking wallet will accrue newly minted WGR via block rewards as the wallet contributes to network security. The probabilities of winning stake rewards increase with the amount of WGR in the wallet and the length of time they have been staked.

Running a Masternode

Users can amplify their rewards by running a masternode. A Masternode requires a user acquiring 25,000 WGR to lock up as collateral. A masternode helps operate and govern the Wagerr network.

Masternodes earn a proportionally higher amount of block rewards compared to normal staking wallets, this reward provides a fixed reward for the Masternode holders.

Additionally, Masternode holders share 2.4% of the net margin of all winning bets. This reward is tied to the usage of the platform. The more betting volume the more rewards. Read more about the Masternode incentives here.

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