Staking WGR

Wagerr is a Proof Of Stake blockchain meaning that it provides staking rewards for block formation. Rewards are distributed to wallets holding unspent coins based on the ‘age’ (or weight) of the wallet. The higher age or weight, the higher chance of a reward although there is a certain degree of randomization as well.

Blocks occur every 60 seconds and a total reward of ~3.8 $WGR is minted.

  • 25% is given to a staking wallet (~0.95 $WGR)

  • 75% is given to a masternode wallet (~2.85 $WGR)

Approximately 2 million WGR per year are minted through block rewards.

To earn staking rewards, follow these steps using the latest Core wallet (QT or Electron)

  1. Deposit WGR into your wallet

  2. Unlock your wallet. Staking is auto-enabled

Note that to be eligible for staking rewards, your wallet must be unlocked and connected to the network at all times.

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