Ionomy share nodes

Sharenodes are a great way to get into masternodes if you do not have enough coins to make up a full masternode. For an example, a WGR masternode requires 25,000 WGR, if you do not have the full amount, you can take part for shares of one. With the distributed daily reward depending upon your share rate of the node.

How Sharenodes work

    • ionomy hosts a dedicate pool of masternodes

    • ionomy automatically scrapes rewards to a pooled address

    • ionomy deducts a 2% maintenance fee

    • ionomy distributes pooled rewards to Sharenode owners

    • Sharenodes continue to earn even while listed for sale on the exchange.

    • After your sell order executes, the new owner gets the next scheduled payout.

How the Sharenode Exchange works

    • Anyone with a free ionomy account can trade Sharenodes.

    • Standard commission for trading Sharenodes is 1%.

    • Trading commission drops to 0.5% with an ionomy subscription.


    • ionomy maintains a list of masternodes dedicated to the Sharenode pool

    • ionomy will update the list as masternodes are added or removed

    • Payout accuracy is publicly auditable on third-party blockchain explorers

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