Wagerr Overview

Wagerr is similar to sportsbooks you would have used previously, however behind the scenes Wagerr is quite different . Wagerr is a blockchain.

A betting platform

Wagerr’s main function as a blockchain is to accept bets and pay out bets. When you place a bet you are betting directly against the blockchain, this is called "Peerless on-chain betting". When you place a bet on Wagerr, the WGR you bet with is 'burned'. The blockchain will 'mint' new WGR to pay out your bet. This means that you are guaranteed to be paid out because unlike traditional sportsbooks the Wagerr Blockchain is capable of issuing new WGR to pay out your bet and the process is built into the code. It also means that Wagerr can accept very large bets, Wagerr provides infinite liquidity.

Withdrawing is a breeze on Wagerr, at anytime if you wish to "Cash out" simply sell your WGR via one of the cryptocurrency exchanges that trade WGR. There are benefits to holding WGR that you can read about further in the documentation.

The 'Business' Model

As Wagerr is a blockchain and the 'bookmaker', it carries some risk of inflating the WGR supply. That is, if bettors win the Wagerr chain must mint WGR, increasing the supply. This is countered by the odds having a small margin built into them that puts the edge in favour of the Blockchain burning more coins than it mints. This is also what gives WGR value, with less WGR around and constant demand for WGR to bet, upward price pressure should persist. You can read more about that in Tokenomics.

Masternodes provide a layer of governance over the Wagerr network whilst providing valuable services to ensure the betting platform operates effectively. Masternodes are rewarded for their services by earning a clip of the betting volume. The more betting volume the greater the reward. To operate a masternode a user must acquire 25,000 WGR. This ensures that masternode operators are aligned to the success of the platform, by having 'skin in the game', which has an added benefit of reducing the available supply of WGR on the market.

Wagerr is more than just a betting platform, it is an economy. Learn more about the Wagerr model by reading through the rest of the documentation.

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