Getting started

Before getting started you will need to fund your wallet with BSCWGR, you can purchase via apeswap

Connect your wallet to the Binance Smart Chain

Navigate to the Wagerr Block Explorer and connect your wallet.

You will need to sign transactions to approve the contract to spend coins in your wallet.

Place a bet

Create a bet slip by clicking on the odds of the event you wish to bet on.

Please note that Cross-chain betting includes fees of the chain in which you are betting in. The bet slip will automatically calculate those fees in WGR for you. The fee is a fixed amount and therefore for larger bets this fee becomes trivial.

Confirm Transaction

Once the bet is placed, it will process and metamask (or whatever wallet you are using) will ask you to confirm the transaction.

View bet details on the history page

Once bets are placed you will see the status of the bets on the History page of the explorer.

You will also be able to see the WGR bet replicated on the Wagerr block explorer using the WGR Transaction ID.

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