How they work?

Masternodes are servers backed by collateral in the form of WGR that operate the Wagerr blockchain. Masternodes host full copies of the Wagerr blockchain and provide a second layer on the network that provide valuable services to the network. Masternodes will also form the governance layer over Wagerr. Voting on proposals that encourage development and adoption of the Wagerr network. Masternodes devote resources to the network and are rewarded for doing so.

In order to become a masternode a user must lock up 25,000 WGR in an address and the masternode must operate 24/7. You are able to host the masternode locally or use a virtual private server. Third parties such as also provide an easy to use service. You can read more about how to host Masternodes here


There is an incentive to become a masternode because they earn an income stream from block rewards for their services. Masternodes earn 2.85 WGR per block (every 60 seconds) however this reward is only given to one masternode at a time. With approximately 2,750 Masternodes on the network, a Masternode will receive an award every 46+ hrs.

Further, Masternode holders earn a proportion of the betting volume that goes through the platform. Specifically, they earn 2.4% of the 'Net winning margin' this reward is shared amongst all Masternodes. The below picture should help visualise this reward.

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