Placing Bets

Before you Bet

To place a bet on Wagerr you must have WGR. You can read about how to purchase WGR here.

Bets must be placed via an application that interacts with the Wagerr Blockchain. You can access the betting functionality of Wagerr via:

  • sportsbook

  • Wagerr Electron app

  • Wagerr iOS or android app

These applications each have their own benefits and the right one will depend on how you want to access Wagerr. As a starting point we recommend the Wagerr sportsbook it is a web wallet and there is no need to sync to the Blockchain prior to making a bet. The sportsbook can also be used on mobile.

You can read more about the various wallets here

Placing a Single Bet

Placing a Parlay (Multi) Bet

No limit Betting

Wagerr is the only no limit betting platform in the world that does not require you to find a counter-party.

Please note that on Wagerr each bet slip is limited to 10,000 WGR but you are able to make as many 10,000 WGR bets as you wish. Parlays (Multi's) have a limit of 4,000 WGR per bet slip but similarly you can bet as many times as you wish.

Verify your bet

All bets are transparently recorded on the Wagerr Block explorer. The transparent recording makes the block explorer a valuable source of information for bettors.

When using Wagerr, please ensure that your bet has been accepted by the network and you have a TX id.

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