Cross-Chain Betting

Cross-chain betting enables you to bet from other blockchains utilizing 'Wrapped WGR'. Wrapped WGR is a token sitting on another blockchain backed 1:1 with Wagerr (WGR).

Wagerr have adopted the following naming convention to help ease confusion for new users.


Wrapped WGR (WWGR)


Any token that sits on another blockchain with a 1:1 pegging to WGR on the Wagerr Blockchain.


Binance Smart Chain

Tradable on Apeswap



Tradeable on Uniswap



Not Live

You can convert Wrapped WGR to real WGR or vice versa using


Cross-chain betting increases the utility and reach of the Wagerr protocol. It allows other chains the ability to access Wagerr's great features without having to leave the user's native chain.

This low-friction system makes it easy to get started with sports betting because all of the technical elements (converting one currency to another and placing cross-chain bets) occur in the background automatically and instantaneously

How Does Cross chain Betting Work

Users place a bet by sending Wrapped WGR (BSCWGR currently only) to a smart contract. This contract is recognized by a cross-chain relayer that will create a replica bet on the Wagerr Blockchain in WGR.

If the bet wins a payment processor recognizes the win (By verifying against the Wagerr blockchain) and pays the user out in Wrapped WGR.

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