Swapping from ETH or BSC

Wagerr has created Wrapped WGR on Ethereum and BSC. Swapping to real WGR is simple with the steps outlined below:

choose the path in which you are trying to swap.

2. Fill in the form with the appropriate details and ' Start Swap'

Your email: Optional, is only needed in case we need to contact you.

WGR address: This is your Wagerr sportsbook address. (You can find this by clicking "deposit" from the Wagerr.com sportsbook)

Refund Address: This is your BSC or ETH Address, if there is an issue with the transfer for whatever reason we will send it back to this address.

3. Send your Wrapped WGR to the address provided.

Send funds within 24 hours and please only transfer to this address once so that there is no delay in funds transfer.

If you wish to make multiple transfers, you will need to run through the process multiple times. Swapping will take up to 24 hours. If you have any issues after this time please raise in the community support channel.

Please note that you will pay fees transferring out of WGR and Wagerr will cover fees transferring into WGR.

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